October Raffle Results

I tallied the entries for October’s raffle. We had 40 entrants, counting donations, which I figure is a pretty respectable showing. Once I had a complete count, I put them into a list and ran an integer request on The result was 37, and the thirty seventh entry was Urson. Hats off to you […]

More photoblogging.

One of my coworkers adopted two dogs, and brought them in to work for a bit. They had to be adopted as a pair, because they panic when separated. They’re rather adorable: and And once again I remember the definition of envy. A woman, not incredibly wealthy or anything, managed to secure a […]

Thoughts on Spellwright

I finished reading Spellwright during my weekend trip to Vermont back in April. The book was a very fast read for me, which means it only took me twice as long to finish it as it would a normal person. Normally, I hardly notice the delay. It just comes with the territory. People like me […]