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Darkened Heart Discussion for October

18 October 2010

The monthly Darkened Heart discussions will stay at the top of the page. New posts appear below this post.
Given the significant increase in posts, and the relative difficulty of keeping all the individual discussion posts organized, I’ve decided to condense discussions into one-per-month threads. I’ll not be meddling with the older posts, but you can expect a single discussion post per month from this point onwards.

So that the discussion post doesn’t get buried, I’ll be setting it to sticky at the top of the page (assuming I can even remember how to do that).

If you’ve any thoughts or criticisms regarding the Darkened Heart Project’s October updates, please feel free to post them here.

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12 Comments to “Darkened Heart Discussion for October”

  1. I must say that I’m enjoying what you’ve posted so far, and I’m quite eager to see how this moves forward. You’ve got me as a dedicated reader!

  2. I have been following this photoblog/archive/art installation/ whatever you call it from the beginning, and it blows me away! The story is intriguing, and your craftsmanship on the artifacts is amazing! Kudos to you, and I hop this project runs for a long time to come!

  3. We had a bit of a disruption last night. My webhost lost the node my site is served from, and it was down from about 11pm EST to 2:30am EST. Sorry for the inconvenience if anyone was looking for today’s update at that time.

  4. And thanks to both of you, by the way. It’s always encouraging to hear that people are enjoying the project.

    Urson, I certainly hope to keep it running for a while. The whole story will be told across 6 boxes. Three of them have already been built. The fourth is half constructed, and I’ve been gathering parts for the fifth and sixth boxes.

  5. I’ve also added in custom avatars for people without gravitar accounts. I’m mostly posting this announcement to test if it’s set up correctly.

  6. Further testing.

  7. I’ve said this before, but it can’t be repeated enough; just outstanding work! The props and models are excellent and the labels on many of the items are just the right touch. My family has chemists and naturalists going back for several generations and since I am years old I have had the less than desirable job of cleaning out several collections of diverse scientific materials. My fascination with this type of historical material makes your story particularly interesting. How far ahead have you worked out the story arc?

    Doctor Bill

  8. Actually, I have the whole thing plotted pretty much to the end. There’s a lot of fuzzy detail though. The intern’s story, for example, is all broad brushstrokes. I know what’s going to happen to him, but I don’t know exactly how we’re going to wind up reaching the end of his plot.

    For the boxes, I have the fully detailed plots worked out for the first three. All the papers were written years ago (More spelling mistakes, whee!). Box 4 is about half built, and needs all of its paperwork written.

    I know what box 5 and 6 are supposed to look like, but I haven’t even started building them yet.

    The end of box 6 is where the past finally catches up to the present. If the whole thing ends the way I want it to end, it’ll be damnably impressive.

  9. If you’re a fan of my work, I’d also suggest checking out Proponomicon. They were one of my primary inspirations, and frequently blow my work out of the water:


  10. Thanks for the link to Proponomicon. Just took a glance at it and it looks very interesting. All my experience in prop making comes from live theatre where the props generally look like absolute dreck when you get up close.

    Doctor Bill

  11. Quite welcome, and thank YOU for the excellent comments on Friday’s post. The internet is making my story better without my permission, which is awesome.

  12. You should also take a look at Many Dead Things (the link is in the sidebar). AlexCF is a direct inspiration for Darkened Heart. It’s kind of embarrassing how much better his stuff is, when compared to mine. Still, live and learn, right? Any first-year webcomic looks a bit sad when compared to it’s later work. Like said comics, I hope to improve over time.

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