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Loathe though I am to admit it, I can’t hate Bill Gates

17 May 2010

It’s practically a prerequisite of becoming a stereotypical geek: Build up a healthy hatred of Bill Gates.

I feathered my cap with that particular requirement back in highschool… but it looks like I have to let that hate go.

Why? Dude is working to kill malaria in our lifetime, and his most successful investment involves hunting mosquitoes down with lasers.

Friggin lasers!

Dr. Florocorno, journal 2

14 May 2010

Dr. Florocorno, journal 2

The latest Darkened Heart page is now up.

Listening to myths

7 May 2010

A lot of my writing has an accompanying sound track. Actually, a lot of my writing has accompanying soundtracks, interesting actors, beautiful sets, expensive costumes, and epic cg. I type, and things explode in slow motion, it’s _awesome_. Well, it’s awesome to me anyways. Gaiman is right again, no one can see the world inside my head.

So I keep my worlds the back of my brain, where they belong, but Mythica occupied enough brain-space that it constantly spills over. Every now and again, I have to vent a bit of it, or it’ll flood surrounding ideas. Okay, fine, it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing, but ideas have to be answered from time to time, wise or not.

That’s why you get to know about Mythica’s soundrtrack, aren’t you lucky? (more…)

Darkened Heart

7 May 2010

The latest page of Darkened Heart is now live.

Mass Effect’s muddy message.

4 May 2010

I love Mass Effect 2. I love it enough to think about it even after finished the final fight two times over. In the modern world of media saturation, that says a lot about the lasting impact of the game on attention sparse minds such as mine.

But for every bit of Mass Effect I adored, there’s still one gigantic lingering issue to tie me down. Mass Effect 2’s villains are kinda… Not evil. Kinda. Look, it’s complicated. Follow along with my logic and feel free to tell me if I’m full of it. (more…)