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An archival post about dickwolves.

1 February 2011

This post exists because I don’t believe in deleting or retracting things I’ve said online. This is the original “Dickwolves” post from my blog. No, comments are not allowed on this post. If you’d like to comment, please visit this post instead.

Honestly, I will read your comment, however I must insist that you actually read that second post. If you ignore the rules I lay out there, I’ll ignore your comment. The discussion has moved on from here. Some of the points I make here are unclear, and I’d rather you went to the new post. My core point is made quite succinctly (That means it’s short).

Now, if you want to know what I SAID instead of what I am SAYING, you can read it all below. Because arguing an old issue is always a good idea. Remember, bring this up without reading the rules in the real discussion post and I will ignore your comment. Honest, you can just skip forward. (more…)