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See through money like it’s paper…

26 April 2011

Oh, hi there Poverty! How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since… what? Like back at the PTF when I was living in DC on $1600 a month. Wow, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it?

Me? Oh I’m good. Yeah, just moved into a new place this year. Same job. No raise for 2011, because of Boehner.

What brings me back around to you? Well, I could blame the move or my locked salary, but let’s be honest here, I’ve been living it up like I’m still only paying half as much in rent as I actually am. My bad, I know. But it’s alright, I’m going to tighten my belt and chew up my savings. By the end of May, I’ll be out of your hair and back in the land of relative ease.

I may even get crazy and sell some crafts to bolster my income. Don’t quote me on that though, it’s all quite experimental, very hush hush. Anyways, I’ll be seeing you around at least for the next 30 days or so. I’ve got to go for now, I need to console my weeping accounts before they stain my balance sheets with their tears.

Beauty that wealth alone can summon.

20 April 2011


Dropbox is getting called to task

19 April 2011

I adore Dropbox and use it heavily. However, I knew the day would come where we’d have to deal with the uglier side of our lovely little digital cloud. Miguel de Icaza has called Dropbox to task over their disingenuous statements regarding file security. Basically, Dropbox promised us that our files were safe from prying eyes, only to later admit that they’d allow the government to pry whenever it sees fit.

This isn’t simply a question of a company kowtowing to security-state scare tactics, it’s also a question of bad security engineering. Basically, if Dropbox can show your files to the FBI without asking, then they can show those same files to ANYONE without asking. Regardless of what security claims Dropbox may have made, it’s clear that your dropbox is basically public data.

Being the all around paranoid I am, I’ve always treated my dropbox as basically public. I’ve never put something up there that I couldn’t afford to lose to the wilds of the internet. That said, it’s still very disappointing to see their grand security claims come up as no more than smoke and mirrors.

Oh right, it’s almost May…

18 April 2011

This is a post about my birthday. If you do not know me in person, you can safely ignore this post. If you know me in person, you can safely ignore this post must pay attention.


This is why I still read Penny Arcade

1 April 2011

Credit where credit is due. You’d think with all my complaining that I should just ditch my PA feeds in favor of greener pastures. I don’t. A cynic might say that I’m basically trolling, that I’m looking for opportunities to complain about an entity that neither cares for my existence nor is admonished by my criticism.

Looking for opportunities to complain isn’t why I still read PA. I read them for posts like the one made today. This is the PA I remember. Staunch critic of the stupidity within our subculture, capable of turning it’s hyperbolic and dangerous wit on any target within gaming’s sphere. Publishers, developers, retailers… and yes, homophobic fans.

I read PA because, for all the times they mock women and scoff at women’s issues, they still get it right from time to time. Maybe because the complaint is about homophobia? I wonder if we’d see a strong condemnation of bioware if a feminist were to point out sexisim in DA2 instead?

No. I won’t wonder that. One of the easiest mistakes to make in situations like this is to play the classic “Zero sum game”. The victories of one minority aren’t competing with the victories of others. We can all win here. We can all get better games if we keep advocating for entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

It pays to remind myself, I wouldn’t complain about PA half so much if  they weren’t half so clever. Well said Tycho.