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The taxman maketh weird lists

My favorite things from the Comptroller of Maryland’s taxable businesses “Miscellaneous” section: Morticians, Monuments, Markers Itinerant Vendors, Peddlers Horse, Cattle, Pets, and Taxidermy Aircraft, Space Vehicle, Missile Mfg. I want  a peddler’s licence. I want one. But it’s not the most accurate listing for me, and I don’t want to screw with the comptroller. Sigh. […]

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 16th

Absinthe is fascinating stuff. I once went on a multi-week research bender about the drink and how it rose to popularity only to be banned. At the time, I was looking for a suitably dramatic drink to celebrate the anniversary of getting dumped. Instead I blew past said anniversary completely, because I was so buried […]

Listening to myths

A lot of my writing has an accompanying sound track. Actually, a lot of my writing has accompanying soundtracks, interesting actors, beautiful sets, expensive costumes, and epic cg. I type, and things explode in slow motion, it’s _awesome_. Well, it’s awesome to me anyways. Gaiman is right again, no one can see the world inside […]