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Happy birthday to me: Restarting Darkened Heart

4 May 2012

My birthday was this week, and as a present to myself I’ve decided to give me a ton of extra work! (more…)

The taxman maketh weird lists

14 September 2011

My favorite things from the Comptroller of Maryland’s taxable businesses “Miscellaneous” section:

  • Morticians, Monuments, Markers
  • Itinerant Vendors, Peddlers
  • Horse, Cattle, Pets, and Taxidermy
  • Aircraft, Space Vehicle, Missile Mfg.

I want  a peddler’s licence. I want one. But it’s not the most accurate listing for me, and I don’t want to screw with the comptroller. Sigh. Missile Manufacturing it is.

What I’ve been up to, Last weekend of May edition

26 July 2010

I do a lot of modding and hacking on my weekends, but I hardly ever talk about it. I figured it’s high time I got some of this stuff documented. Let’s start with the weekend of May 29th. I needed a table router, and only had a freestanding unit. So I ordered a few parts.

Problem 1: The router plate doesn’t have any holes.

Solution 1: I have a drill press. What now, aluminum plate? What? Now?
Drill Press (more…)

Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, July 23rd

22 July 2010

Back to another text update. I like these scan-based updates. I get to do a lot of infodumping while displaying some of the better work from the boxes.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 16th

15 July 2010

Absinthe is fascinating stuff. I once went on a multi-week research bender about the drink and how it rose to popularity only to be banned. At the time, I was looking for a suitably dramatic drink to celebrate the anniversary of getting dumped. Instead I blew past said anniversary completely, because I was so buried in research.

I can’t imagine why such behavior might have had a negative impact on my ability to keep a relationship. Nope must be that my significant other was “crazy”. Yeah. No blame here.

The photo is of an actual bottle of Absinthe Montmartre 65, I completely redid the label however. I’ll get a transcript of the label itself at some point in the nearish future, since I don’t recall what I wrote on it.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 9th

9 July 2010

Feel free to post any out-of-universe observations here. Critiques welcome.

I dropped a bit of a hint with this page. Namely, I foreshadowed the presence of Lee’s missing documents. That’ll be important in a few months.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 2nd

2 July 2010

Another post, and a shiny new thread in which to discuss it and/or pick it apart.

I’ll start the commentary myself by admitting that I’m a little disappointed with this one. In the future, I think I’ll put in a lot more content with the posts of individual bottles. Some of the bottles are interesting enough to stand on their own, but these smaller sample sets need something more. Maybe an inset scan of the label, and/or some close up shots of the interior of the bottle.

Unfortunately, I’ve already finished principle photography on this box, so there’s not a lot I can do at this point. When we get on to the next box, I’ll do some work to spruce these types of posts up.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, June 24th.

25 June 2010

S. Horne, Letter 1
Welcome to the “behind the scenes” section of the site. The latest page from Lee’s box is scanned and uploaded. If you have any out-of-character questions or comments regarding the Darkened Heart, please feel free to post them here.

Dr. Florocorno, journal 2

14 May 2010

Dr. Florocorno, journal 2

The latest Darkened Heart page is now up.

Listening to myths

7 May 2010

A lot of my writing has an accompanying sound track. Actually, a lot of my writing has accompanying soundtracks, interesting actors, beautiful sets, expensive costumes, and epic cg. I type, and things explode in slow motion, it’s _awesome_. Well, it’s awesome to me anyways. Gaiman is right again, no one can see the world inside my head.

So I keep my worlds the back of my brain, where they belong, but Mythica occupied enough brain-space that it constantly spills over. Every now and again, I have to vent a bit of it, or it’ll flood surrounding ideas. Okay, fine, it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing, but ideas have to be answered from time to time, wise or not.

That’s why you get to know about Mythica’s soundrtrack, aren’t you lucky? (more…)

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