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iPad Review: Rebuild

23 March 2012

You’ve managed to reach the city of Baltimore/Tucson/Yourtownville, where you’ve hooked up with a small team of survivors. They’ve fortified four blocks. A suburb, an apartment, a police station, and a farm. Some of your camp-mates are fighters, some are builders, some are scavengers, leaders, or scientists. The undead are everywhere. You can only survive if you can Rebuild.

I’ll save you a lot of time if you’re in a hurry. Rebuild is a fantastic game and you should play it. There are links to various versions at the bottom of this post, one is even free. (more…)

iPad Review: Infinity Blade

16 March 2012

Hope you like the view, you'll be seeing it a LOT.

I’m going to say something that’s likely to annoy hardcore iPad gamers (shut up, they exist). Infinity blade is a fantastic tech demo, but a horrid game. I suspect that makes me some kind of heretic, reviewers everywhere can’t seem to stop gushing about how beautiful Infinity Blade is, or how dynamic the combat can be. I feel like the sole peasant in the crowd, shouting “It’s quicktime events!”

Someone has to say it. Infinity Blade is an unfinished tech demo which replaces legitimate gameplay with an infinitely (haha, accurate advertising!) repeated single level. (more…)

Dear Esther…

9 March 2012

I have walked the path Dear Esther laid out for me twice. Once, back when it was a free fan-made modification for Half-Life 2, and again, when it returned renewed as a fully realized work of art, released on Steam. The world is bigger this time, and significantly more beautiful. But even if the game had been identical to the mod, I would still have payed for it. I owed the creator for the earlier experience.


iPad reviews: EPOCH

2 March 2012

A post apocalyptic future, a malfunctioning amnesiac robot, a machine gun, and a LOT of running, jumping, and ducking behind cover. Welcome to the world of EPOCH.