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A little bit late on Darkened Heart

30 May 2012

The post for 25th wound up shoved back 4 days to the 29th. I missed my initial publication date, and intended to make it up on the weekend. Instead, the weekend turned into an exhausting and madcap trip through downtown DC.

On the bright side? Some nifty photos at the National Gallery. On the down side? Laaaaaate post.

I hope anyone still sticking with Darkened Heart will bear with me, as we’re still in a kind of “Jazz session” between real posts. There should be one or two more ruminations by the Intern before we go full-swing back into “real” posts. I have a box ready to go, I just need to get some photography done.

Happy birthday to me: Restarting Darkened Heart

4 May 2012

My birthday was this week, and as a present to myself I’ve decided to give me a ton of extra work! (more…)

thedarkenedheart.com is currently down

17 November 2010

I’m working on getting it sorted, but it’ll take a bit. Sorry for the delay.

October Raffle Results

2 November 2010

I tallied the entries for October’s raffle. We had 40 entrants, counting donations, which I figure is a pretty respectable showing. Once I had a complete count, I put them into a list and ran an integer request on random.org.

The result was 37, and the thirty seventh entry was Urson. Hats off to you sir! Expect an email in an hour or two to work out a few details. Just as soon as I’m done setting up Wednesday’s post.

Not this Wednesday, of course. No. That’d be irresponsible. This is… Hm… This is the first Wednesday for December. Yes. Both the prize for October and the Prize for November have been showing up in the advertisements for the raffle. The two bottles in the foreground are the two physical props. The news article in the background is a report from box number 3, and won’t be publicly available for quite some time. Both October and November’s winners will get a chance to see that clue well ahead of schedule.

There’s still plenty of opportunity to win in November. Visit http://thedarkenedheart.com/raffle for a chance at the second bottle.

Darkened Heart Discussion for November

31 October 2010

The monthly Darkened Heart discussions will stay at the top of the page. New posts appear below this post. (more…)

Darkened Heart Discussion for October

18 October 2010

The monthly Darkened Heart discussions will stay at the top of the page. New posts appear below this post.

Darkened Heart Discussion. Oct 10th, 13th, and 15th

11 October 2010

I have to admit, I’m rather surprised that I almost forgot about these bottles. They’re rather the point of Lee’s box. If you’re wondering why I didn’t list the labels or put them in the transcript, it’s because each bottle will be showing up individually in the next thee posts. So there’s plenty of time to get into the details.

I thought posting on M-W-F would be a lot harder than a weekly schedule, but I’m finding the opposite to be true. Sure, it’s more work, but it also makes the storytelling a LOT easier. I can present a prop, describe it, then get into the actual consequences of the discovery. Lab results, intern crazy time. S’good stuff.

Darkened Heart discussion, October 4th, 6th, and 8th.

4 October 2010

Looks like Darkened Heart updated correctly, this begins two weeks of Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates. You can expect a fresh incentive behind the vote. That updated smoothly as well, going live at midnight Pacific. I really need to figure out how to change the incentive schedule to Eastern time, ah well.

In other news, I’ve nearly finished converting the site from Comicpress 2.8 to a child theme for Comicpress 2.9. This is good because, in the future, I won’t need to perform dramatic restructuring every time Comicpress updates. I can stay current while still providing pretty pictures. Go me.

Comment post for Darkened Heart, October 1st

30 September 2010

Well my face is red.

In my mad dash to get posts lined up and updating on time, I completely neglected an entire subcategory of props from the first box. I’m scrambling to retcon my mistake, which means that several older entries are getting minor edits, and the final report for Box 1 is getting pushed back a bit.

As recompense for this embarrassing gaffe, you can expect a significantly sped up schedule over the next few weeks.

In a way, this is a blessing in disguise. I’ve been a bit blocked on the final report for box one. So you’ll get a better report and more photos, and all you have to put up with is a few bits of changing and shifty history. So you should totally be happy about that. Yes. Yeeeees. Looook into my words… This is awesome and you are happy.

If you’re immune to hypnotism, then sorry about screwing up the updates.

Doctor Bill, I moved your comment back one post, so it’d stay live, sorry for the confusion.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 17th

17 September 2010

The last page of Lee’s Journal is now up on thedarkenedheart.com. This marks the end of Lee’s box. I’ll be taking a few posts to wrap up the report on her personal effects and set the stage for the next box. The props and story for Artifact 2 are long-since finished. Now I need to run the photography and work out the Intern’s story arc.

I’ve been thinking about the direction and pace of this project quite a bit, and there are a few things I’m intending to do differently for the second artifact:

1 – I’ll be going to twice weekly updates. Tuesdays will feature “lesser” images, more filler-y stuff, and a lot more commentary from the Intern. Fridays will feature the bigger, more impressive reveals. I felt some of the photos from Artifact 1 didn’t really deserve their own posts, and I didn’t much like wasting people’s time on lackluster updates. This time around, I’m going to try to be sure that every update brings something genuinely new to the plot.

2 – The Intern’s story arc is all over the map. I came up with him as a plot trick to let me explain some of the cryptic goings-on, but he deserves a proper plot. Once I know how many photos will be in “season 2”, I’m going to map out a proper story for his progress.

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