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Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 10th

10 September 2010

Artifact 1, Munitions

The post for September 10th is now live. I have to admit, this is one of the weaker posts from this box. Obviously, these are nerf darts, repainted to look like metal. These bullets are an uncomfortable compromise between prop-making and effective toys. Each of these guns was also a present for a sibling. It was important to me that all of them worked properly, and that meant supplying usable darts.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 3rd

3 September 2010

Lee Florocorno, Journal 5 - Page 2

The latest page of Darkened Heart is now live: http://darkenedheart.sunkenlibrary.com/?p=101

Here we see the second half of Lee’s journal entry from two weeks ago. In the future, I’ll put split pages like this one back-to-back with the first page. I may even just double-post split pages like these, to avoid the disruption of a narrative that stops halfway through a page.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, August 27th

27 August 2010

The automated system brought the post online when it was supposed to, but I forgot to run all the other maintenance tasks, so it showed up without a proper title or commentary. In my defense, I was at work until midnight yesterday. I went home and crawled into bed with a lingering feeling that I’d forgotten something. Now I know what.

I’m working on patching up the parts I forgot, but most of my resources are sitting at home and I’m sitting at work. When I get a spare moment between my duties here, I’ll try to get the rest of it fixed. Sorry for the delay.

All of that said, at least you get to see my absolute favorite photo from Lee’s box. The fingers are actually from a cheap Halloween prop I picked up on eBay. The “embalming fluid” is filtered/boiled water with food coloring and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. The cork and the wax are actually cork and wax. What? Not everything is a clever trick.

Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, August 20th

20 August 2010

It’s the beginning of the end for the first “Season” of Darkened Heart. The transition will prove an interesting challenge. I’ve managed to keep a weekly update schedule with only a few glitches thus far, but there’s a great deal of work waiting for me before I can run the next box.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, August 13th

13 August 2010

Artifact 1, the Jar

This is easily my favorite prop from Lee’s box. It took quite a bit of work to put together, and came out absolutely fantastic. The intern may protest it’s existence, but then again, he’s not the sort to look at a prop like this and say “Oooh neat!” You can expect to see at least one more photo of the jar, this one doesn’t really show off the prop’s more horrific elements, and the 8 year old in me wants to gross some folk out.

Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, August 6th

5 August 2010

Online ahead of schedule! You’ll have to wait for midnight to roll around before seeing the actual post, but I wanted to get this lined up while I had a spare moment.

I don’t have a lot of clever stuff to say about this post. It’s another letter from Mr. Horne, and it gets into some interesting narrative gaps that I built into the story. Mr. Horne is presently referring to information that Lee hasn’t given us. Namely that the Amazonian River Crab has no effect on the Pennsylvania Plague.

This kind of odd skip will make a lot more sense when we get to the second box. We’re coming up on the end of Lee’s narrative in about two months. That’s when things will get a good bit more interesting.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 30th

30 July 2010

I screwed up the update while trying to make the system run it’s updates automatically. Yes, that’s right, I broke things by trying to make them run smoother.

But at least it’s properly updated now. The root fragments in this bottle are actually just left over herbs from my kitchen. I can’t tell you the name of the herb, because it’s written in an Asian script. A friend of mine bought me a bag of them when I was in California.

They look fantastic when added to a vial like this, very authentic. The only problem is, they apparently ferment. I had two bottles blow their caps about a month after making them, because of the growing pressure from the slowly fermenting roots.

So let that be a lesson to fellow prop-makers. Always check your found parts for sugar before using them.

Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, July 23rd

22 July 2010

Back to another text update. I like these scan-based updates. I get to do a lot of infodumping while displaying some of the better work from the boxes.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 16th

15 July 2010

Absinthe is fascinating stuff. I once went on a multi-week research bender about the drink and how it rose to popularity only to be banned. At the time, I was looking for a suitably dramatic drink to celebrate the anniversary of getting dumped. Instead I blew past said anniversary completely, because I was so buried in research.

I can’t imagine why such behavior might have had a negative impact on my ability to keep a relationship. Nope must be that my significant other was “crazy”. Yeah. No blame here.

The photo is of an actual bottle of Absinthe Montmartre 65, I completely redid the label however. I’ll get a transcript of the label itself at some point in the nearish future, since I don’t recall what I wrote on it.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 9th

9 July 2010

Feel free to post any out-of-universe observations here. Critiques welcome.

I dropped a bit of a hint with this page. Namely, I foreshadowed the presence of Lee’s missing documents. That’ll be important in a few months.

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