Monthly Archives: May 2012

A little bit late on Darkened Heart

30 May 2012

The post for 25th wound up shoved back 4 days to the 29th. I missed my initial publication date, and intended to make it up on the weekend. Instead, the weekend turned into an exhausting and madcap trip through downtown DC.

On the bright side? Some nifty photos at the National Gallery. On the down side? Laaaaaate post.

I hope anyone still sticking with Darkened Heart will bear with me, as we’re still in a kind of “Jazz session” between real posts. There should be one or two more ruminations by the Intern before we go full-swing back into “real” posts. I have a box ready to go, I just need to get some photography done.

Diablo 3 has a problem

14 May 2012

I have some mixed feelings about Diablo 3, and as is the custom among my people, I will now share those feelings with you in annoyingly granular detail. (more…)

Happy birthday to me: Restarting Darkened Heart

4 May 2012

My birthday was this week, and as a present to myself I’ve decided to give me a ton of extra work! (more…)