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Google Analytics is a fantastic waste of time

28 June 2010

Hello visitors from Perth and Brisbane! Greetings from Washington DC! Stuttgart, Geislingen, good to see you, how are things? British isles? There’s so many of you here that it’d be silly to list all the cities. I hope you’re having better weather than we’re getting here in the colonies.

Dear Canada, your retention rate is surprisingly high. You drop in and you actually stay to read. You must like words, which is great, I also like words, we should sit down and read a lot… over tea… yes, tea sounds good.

As for the US of A, its nice to see you folks, my neighbors, I’m glad that you… okay, that 65% of you are totally digging the site. Don’t worry about it, 45-percenters, no hard feelings. I realize it’s not a typical webcomic, not everyone’s going to enjoy the story I’m trying to tell.

Oh and Soldotna? You have an awesome town name, I just thought you should know.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, June 24th.

25 June 2010

S. Horne, Letter 1
Welcome to the “behind the scenes” section of the site. The latest page from Lee’s box is scanned and uploaded. If you have any out-of-character questions or comments regarding the Darkened Heart, please feel free to post them here.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, June 18th

24 June 2010

Now that I’m getting the word out about Darkened Heart, I’ll be putting up a post here once a week. Anyone interested in discussing or criticizing the page from June 18th, please post your thoughts below.