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Comment post for Darkened Heart, October 1st

30 September 2010

Well my face is red.

In my mad dash to get posts lined up and updating on time, I completely neglected an entire subcategory of props from the first box. I’m scrambling to retcon my mistake, which means that several older entries are getting minor edits, and the final report for Box 1 is getting pushed back a bit.

As recompense for this embarrassing gaffe, you can expect a significantly sped up schedule over the next few weeks.

In a way, this is a blessing in disguise. I’ve been a bit blocked on the final report for box one. So you’ll get a better report and more photos, and all you have to put up with is a few bits of changing and shifty history. So you should totally be happy about that. Yes. Yeeeees. Looook into my words… This is awesome and you are happy.

If you’re immune to hypnotism, then sorry about screwing up the updates.

Doctor Bill, I moved your comment back one post, so it’d stay live, sorry for the confusion.

Safe spaces, or why dickwolves are only sometimes hilarious.

30 September 2010

Okay folks. It’s time to recenter and refocus this discussion.

Let’s be blunt, my old article is long, rambling, and easy to misinterpret. I find that a lot of the comments focus not on my core point, but on some aside or small element that surrounds the main point of the article. So, let’s take a breather and recenter on the actual point that I’m trying to make:


Guys wearing “Team Dickwolves” shirts make women feel unwelcome at PAX. The fact that Gabe intends to wear a “Team Dickwolves” shirt to PAX shows that he doesn’t consider the feelings of women at PAX to be worth addressing.

  1. I don’t care whether or not you personally are offended. There’s a large community of women gamers who feel unwelcome because of this.
  2. I don’t care if you are a woman who isn’t offended, or if your wife/girlfriend/friend/daughter/coworker isn’t offended. There’s a large community of women gamers who feel unwelcome because of this.
  3. I don’t care about your interpretation of the original comic. We’ve already discussed that and the issue is well settled. There’s a large community of women gamers who feel unwelcome because of this.
  4. Look. Seriously. I don’t want to hear your thoughts about the “Sixth Slave” comic on We’re talking about a shirt. There’s a large community of women gamers who feel unwelcome because of the shirt.

So. One sentence long. Practically a tweet. There’s a large community of women gamers who feel unwelcome at PAX because of the dickwolves shirts. Gabe saying he intends to wear his shows that he doesn’t care.

Do you disagree? Awesome. No seriously. I want to hear your point and I look forward to debating you on it. No, I’m not kidding or being flippant. If you have a critique of the above listed core point, I’m genuinely interested in discussing that critique with you.

If you want to discuss any other point in the Dickwolves debate, then I welcome you to start a blog and discuss it there. If you try to comment, and your comment isn’t relevant or doesn’t add anything new, then it’s going in the trash bin. Sorry. Learn to debate better next time.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 17th

17 September 2010

The last page of Lee’s Journal is now up on This marks the end of Lee’s box. I’ll be taking a few posts to wrap up the report on her personal effects and set the stage for the next box. The props and story for Artifact 2 are long-since finished. Now I need to run the photography and work out the Intern’s story arc.

I’ve been thinking about the direction and pace of this project quite a bit, and there are a few things I’m intending to do differently for the second artifact:

1 – I’ll be going to twice weekly updates. Tuesdays will feature “lesser” images, more filler-y stuff, and a lot more commentary from the Intern. Fridays will feature the bigger, more impressive reveals. I felt some of the photos from Artifact 1 didn’t really deserve their own posts, and I didn’t much like wasting people’s time on lackluster updates. This time around, I’m going to try to be sure that every update brings something genuinely new to the plot.

2 – The Intern’s story arc is all over the map. I came up with him as a plot trick to let me explain some of the cryptic goings-on, but he deserves a proper plot. Once I know how many photos will be in “season 2”, I’m going to map out a proper story for his progress.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 10th

10 September 2010

Artifact 1, Munitions

The post for September 10th is now live. I have to admit, this is one of the weaker posts from this box. Obviously, these are nerf darts, repainted to look like metal. These bullets are an uncomfortable compromise between prop-making and effective toys. Each of these guns was also a present for a sibling. It was important to me that all of them worked properly, and that meant supplying usable darts.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 3rd

3 September 2010

Lee Florocorno, Journal 5 - Page 2

The latest page of Darkened Heart is now live:

Here we see the second half of Lee’s journal entry from two weeks ago. In the future, I’ll put split pages like this one back-to-back with the first page. I may even just double-post split pages like these, to avoid the disruption of a narrative that stops halfway through a page.