Month: September 2010

Safe spaces, or why dickwolves are only sometimes hilarious.

Okay folks. It’s time to recenter and refocus this discussion. Let’s be blunt, my old article is long, rambling, and easy to misinterpret. I find that a lot of the comments focus not on my core point, but on some aside or small element that surrounds the main point of the article. So, let’s take […]

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 10th

The post for September 10th is now live. I have to admit, this is one of the weaker posts from this box. Obviously, these are nerf darts, repainted to look like metal. These bullets are an uncomfortable compromise between prop-making and effective toys. Each of these guns was also a present for a sibling. It […]

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 3rd

The latest page of Darkened Heart is now live: Here we see the second half of Lee’s journal entry from two weeks ago. In the future, I’ll put split pages like this one back-to-back with the first page. I may even just double-post split pages like these, to avoid the disruption of a narrative […]