Discussion post for Darkened Heart, September 10th

Artifact 1, Munitions

The post for September 10th is now live. I have to admit, this is one of the weaker posts from this box. Obviously, these are nerf darts, repainted to look like metal. These bullets are an uncomfortable compromise between prop-making and effective toys. Each of these guns was also a present for a sibling. It was important to me that all of them worked properly, and that meant supplying usable darts.


  • Regardless of your comments I liked the entry … I have been wondering how this item would be described and now I am left with wondering what they were filled with and more to the point, what they were aimed at.
    You are a great story-teller 🙂

  • I recognized the pistol early on from one in my son’s vast arsenal of foam-slinging weaponry. It still is a great use of available material for a prop and well within the tradition of many films. Take a close look at Han Solo’s pistol sometime.

    Remember the motto of the theatre:

    “Beat to fit: paint to match. It’ll never read past the third row anyway.”

  • Actually, that motto is fairly encouraging, I’d not heard it phrased that way.

    I’ve definitely noticed the phenomenon of toy use in movies. My personal favorite is Jedi communicators from the prequel trilogy. Look closely at them. They’re woman’s razors spraypainted gold.

    Virtually unlimited budget, vast resources available, and what are the communicators made of? Found parts.


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