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Discussion post for Darkened Heart, August 27th

27 August 2010

The automated system brought the post online when it was supposed to, but I forgot to run all the other maintenance tasks, so it showed up without a proper title or commentary. In my defense, I was at work until midnight yesterday. I went home and crawled into bed with a lingering feeling that I’d forgotten something. Now I know what.

I’m working on patching up the parts I forgot, but most of my resources are sitting at home and I’m sitting at work. When I get a spare moment between my duties here, I’ll try to get the rest of it fixed. Sorry for the delay.

All of that said, at least you get to see my absolute favorite photo from Lee’s box. The fingers are actually from a cheap Halloween prop I picked up on eBay. The “embalming fluid” is filtered/boiled water with food coloring and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. The cork and the wax are actually cork and wax. What? Not everything is a clever trick.

Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, August 20th

20 August 2010

It’s the beginning of the end for the first “Season” of Darkened Heart. The transition will prove an interesting challenge. I’ve managed to keep a weekly update schedule with only a few glitches thus far, but there’s a great deal of work waiting for me before I can run the next box.

In which I annoy the heck out of people

19 August 2010

This is doubtless going to upset some folks, but no one ever got anywhere useful in life by ignoring injustice for the sake of avoiding conflict.

I want to put yet another post out there about the Ground Zero Mosque issue. The controversy has been covered in detail elsewhere by people smarter than me. China MiĆ©ville and N.K. Jemisin, to name two. There’s also this lovely supporting visual from Ghost of Mifune.

I won’t get into the minutia of the “debate” on this one. If you want to read up on it, then please follow those links, and for the love of all that’s holy please actually READ what’s there. I’m not writing this to repeat what’s been said.

I’m writing this to call out the Republican Party. Yes, if you’re a republican, I’m calling your political party out on this one. You guys are dropping the ball, bigtime.

This is a textbook case of two fundamentally republican issues: State’s Rights and Religious Freedom. This is other states telling New York how to run it’s affairs, and this is non-Muslims telling Muslims where they can PRAY TO GOD. *

You can’t write a better scenario for the mobilization of the Republican party. And what response do we get? Conservative republicans support the bigots, while moderate republicans turn a blind eye. Why? Because they’re cowards.

Yes. Cowards. You heard me. They don’t speak up about this because they’re scared of losing votes. That’s cowardice, and it makes me sad for the state of politics in the US. The Republican party should be going to war over this. It’s not a liberal issue.

I just… Agh.

* – Fun factoid for the uninformed, do you know who gave the Koran to Mohammad? The Archangel Gabriel. Yes, the same one from the Bible. That guy. Allah is not a different god. If you’ve prayed recently, then you were praying to Allah, because Allah is another name for God. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Discussion post for Darkened Heart, August 13th

13 August 2010

Artifact 1, the Jar

This is easily my favorite prop from Lee’s box. It took quite a bit of work to put together, and came out absolutely fantastic. The intern may protest it’s existence, but then again, he’s not the sort to look at a prop like this and say “Oooh neat!” You can expect to see at least one more photo of the jar, this one doesn’t really show off the prop’s more horrific elements, and the 8 year old in me wants to gross some folk out.

What I’ve been up to, June 6th Edition

11 August 2010

Back in June, I ran into a few computer problems. Fragmented hard drive? Nope. Bad ram? No, my problem’s a bit more unique;

My computer sprang a leak:

We've reached crush depth!

My computer is submersion cooled. Which means that most of the main components are suspended in a vat of non-conductive mineral oil. The oil cools much more efficiently than air, and lets me cool everything with a single radiator and fan. It’s quieter, more stable, and a teensy bit screaming fast.

But it means my computer has a circulatory system, with oil as it’s life-blood. So you can imagine my reaction when I woke up to a slowly expanding puddle of mineral oil on my desk.


Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, August 6th

5 August 2010

Online ahead of schedule! You’ll have to wait for midnight to roll around before seeing the actual post, but I wanted to get this lined up while I had a spare moment.

I don’t have a lot of clever stuff to say about this post. It’s another letter from Mr. Horne, and it gets into some interesting narrative gaps that I built into the story. Mr. Horne is presently referring to information that Lee hasn’t given us. Namely that the Amazonian River Crab has no effect on the Pennsylvania Plague.

This kind of odd skip will make a lot more sense when we get to the second box. We’re coming up on the end of Lee’s narrative in about two months. That’s when things will get a good bit more interesting.