Discussion post for Darkened Heart, August 13th

Artifact 1, the Jar

This is easily my favorite prop from Lee’s box. It took quite a bit of work to put together, and came out absolutely fantastic. The intern may protest it’s existence, but then again, he’s not the sort to look at a prop like this and say “Oooh neat!” You can expect to see at least one more photo of the jar, this one doesn’t really show off the prop’s more horrific elements, and the 8 year old in me wants to gross some folk out.


  • Another spectacular piece of work. Absolutely first class as always.


  • All those victims *throws hands up in horror*

    … hurrah, the story takes a darker turn.

    Just in case it was an oversight, thought I should let you know we still have this strange bottle as a vote incentive … or is that because the intern has not done investigating it?

  • Thanks Bill!

    Whoops. Definitely an oversight. I’ll get it fixed as soon as I can. (I’m at work right now, so it’ll at least be lunch before I can touch it. Sorry about that. I’ll post again once I have it fixed.

    As for the victim count on the jar, I kept it deliberately low. These are supposed to be fingers from known parasite carriers, not just plague victims. I figured the Intern’s still allowed to be freaked out. How would you feel if you had to handle a jar with the bodyparts of 6 people in it?

  • Oversights are allowed *winks* … and as for how I would feel handling the jar? Enormously freaked out I suspect!!!

    Additionally, I especially liked the dripping sealant. Some kind of wax? It really does give the impression it has been reopened and resealed several times for each additional body part, oops, I meant to say sample! *lol*

    • All set. Votes from this point will get the right incentive. Sorry for the confusion.

  • The sealant is just commonplace candle wax. I picked up a block of it from a craft store for the project. You can melt candle wax in a double-boiler (fairly important, as it can smoke or even catch fire if you put it directly on the burner).

    Once you have a pot of melted wax, it’s a pretty trivial thing to use it to seal jars. In fact, every single jar used in the Darkened Heart Project was sealed in a single weekend.


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