Month: October 2010

More photoblogging.

One of my coworkers adopted two dogs, and brought them in to work for a bit. They had to be adopted as a pair, because they panic when separated. They’re rather adorable: and And once again I remember the definition of envy. A woman, not incredibly wealthy or anything, managed to secure a […]

Thoughts on Spellwright

I finished reading Spellwright during my weekend trip to Vermont back in April. The book was a very fast read for me, which means it only took me twice as long to finish it as it would a normal person. Normally, I hardly notice the delay. It just comes with the territory. People like me […]

Just one photo this week.

I picked up a prop pistol from a seller on ebay for fairly cheap. Dirt cheap when you consider that it’s actual metal and wood, not resin or plastic. The firing mechanism is horrid, the whole thing will need some hefty modifications before it’ll make a decent Darkened Heart prop, but hey, not a bad […]

Darkened Heart Discussion. Oct 10th, 13th, and 15th

I have to admit, I’m rather surprised that I almost forgot about these bottles. They’re rather the point of Lee’s box. If you’re wondering why I didn’t list the labels or put them in the transcript, it’s because each bottle will be showing up individually in the next thee posts. So there’s plenty of time […]

Photoblogging without annoying the crap out of everyone.

This is a work in progress, so please bear with me while I work out the details. I’ve set up a wordpress plugin called Twitter Tools to aggregate tweets here on Sunkenlibrary. After mucking about in the settings for a bit, I’ve set it to post a once-per-week aggregation. My various twitter one liners aren’t […]

Darkened Heart discussion, October 4th, 6th, and 8th.

Looks like Darkened Heart updated correctly, this begins two weeks of Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates. You can expect a fresh incentive behind the vote. That updated smoothly as well, going live at midnight Pacific. I really need to figure out how to change the incentive schedule to Eastern time, ah well. In other news, I’ve nearly finished […]