Just one photo this week.

I picked up a prop pistol from a seller on ebay for fairly cheap. Dirt cheap when you consider that it’s actual metal and wood, not resin or plastic.

The firing mechanism is horrid, the whole thing will need some hefty modifications before it’ll make a decent Darkened Heart prop, but hey, not a bad start: http://yfrog.com/4w43fij #


  • Nice mechanism on the sidelock. I’d try to keep as much of that as you could though the flint, flashpan, and frizen would have to be replaced with something a little more appropriate to the period. As you said, a very good start and it saves you the work of starting with a wood block and length of pipe from the hardware store.

    Doctor Bill

  • Yeah, the flintlock mechanism really is the best selling point of the entire piece. Given the mechanics within, I don’t know what I can really do to convert it to anything more productive.

    I may just take the cheap route and call it a modified antique. That seems like exactly the kind of mad engineering that Rockwood would pull, and it’d let me leave the whole flint/flashpan rig alone. I’m not sure about that plan though, I’ll have to dwell on it.

    Fortunately, I have plenty of time to dwell on it, I’ll not be needing this prop for a while.


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