This is awesome – a better dickwolves response

So, you might have heard that some folks are angry about Penny Arcade’s Dickwolves shirt. I ranted about it at length a little while ago. Speaking up on these kinds of issues is important, but let’s be honest here, my response isn’t particularly helpful. It’s a rant. I draw a tiny bit of attention to the issue, but really that’s all.

Kirbybits came up with a much better response, a counter-tshirt. It’s awesome:

A phoenix rising from the ashes of embarrasing levels of fail.

It works on so many different levels. In my initial rant on this issue, I tried (sometimes succeeded, but mostly just tried) to explain how the Dickwolves shirt makes women feel unwelcome at cons. Kirbybits’ shirt works a perfect mirror effect. It makes people wearing the Dickwolves shirt feel uncomfortable, and it does so by being funny.

Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?

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