Photoblogging without annoying the crap out of everyone.

This is a work in progress, so please bear with me while I work out the details. I’ve set up a wordpress plugin called Twitter Tools to aggregate tweets here on Sunkenlibrary. After mucking about in the settings for a bit, I’ve set it to post a once-per-week aggregation. My various twitter one liners aren’t particularly witty, but I’ve managed to set twitter up for photoblogging. By aggregating the tweets here, I’ll be able to keep anyone interested up to date on my weekly project progress.

I’ll go through these posts and prune out the bits no one cares about, which should leave a decently reliable snapshot of what I’ve been up to in a given week. I know that automation tends to annoy people, but I have to be honest: Either I automate part of this process, or I’ll never update reliably.

  • – Sunset on my walk home. I took the photo to test weather I could automate the uploading and sharing of photos. The process worked decently well.
  • – My boss received an award. The award was an naked overweight golden man. Some folks in the office weren’t completely pleased having it on the break-room table, so they fixed it.
  • – I’m sewing a new wallet for myself. For a very long time, I’ve worn a renascence fair pouch on my belt to carry all my technology, tools, ID, etc. That pouch is still good, but I want a more utilitarian/steampunk option available. In classic mad inventor fashion, that means making one. Incedentally, do you have any idea how hard it is to find this kind of bandoleer style carrying solution? It’s everywhere in geek media, but no one makes them. Seriously, look around. Boba Fet wears this sort of thing on his belt. So does Batman. Chewbacca’s shoulder bandoleer, or the various pouches worn by sodding everyone in starwars, for that matter. But there flat out aren’t commercial knock offs available. The best you can do is lurk on eBay until something remotely similar pops up and then cease the bid like a rabid wolf. Or you can sew one. That works too.
  • – This is a photo from my daily commute. It’s not normally quite this bad, but there’d been a downed train on the line, so the platform filled up with about 20 minutes of commuters.

In unrelated news:

  • – Battlestar Twilight. Flat out fantastic bit of subversive counter marketing.
  • – This is a fantastic trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s quite pretty, even if CG trailers have little bearing on the actual game. Deus Ex was a really great game, way ahead of it’s time. The sequel, Deus Ex 2, was… well… disappointing. Human Revolution is being handled by a new team following on a lengthy eight year gap. The trailer makes me think that they “get” the tone of the series, and I hope it’ll be a great game, but there will be no way to tell until the actual product gets released.

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