Discussion post for Darkened Heart, August 27th

The automated system brought the post online when it was supposed to, but I forgot to run all the other maintenance tasks, so it showed up without a proper title or commentary. In my defense, I was at work until midnight yesterday. I went home and crawled into bed with a lingering feeling that I’d forgotten something. Now I know what.

I’m working on patching up the parts I forgot, but most of my resources are sitting at home and I’m sitting at work. When I get a spare moment between my duties here, I’ll try to get the rest of it fixed. Sorry for the delay.

All of that said, at least you get to see my absolute favorite photo from Lee’s box. The fingers are actually from a cheap Halloween prop I picked up on eBay. The “embalming fluid” is filtered/boiled water with food coloring and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. The cork and the wax are actually cork and wax. What? Not everything is a clever trick.


  • I’ve updated the voting incentive. The second half of Lee’s long journal entry is now available.

  • Fabulous! I did comment on it in your previous post when the bottle was the voting incentive but wanted to say so again 🙂

    I also really enjoyed reading the comments on the comic from yesterday. Are you Matt? What he wrote there has really intrigued me and now I cannot wait for this ‘chapter’ to conclude. Not too fast though as for some strange reason I do enjoy the pace of your creation.

  • If I had my preference, I’d update more frequently. I’ll be setting up primary photography for box #2 this week, so once I have the photos for it, I may look at a more frequent schedule. Tuesday/Thursday perhaps. We’ll see.

    As for Matt. Nope. I have no idea who he is. Which is awesome. The facts he mentions in the post are all from information up on the site, so he’s just observant.

    I adore that collaborative aspect of online art. The ability of the observer to contribute and become part of the project isn’t unique to the internet, but it’s certainly gotten easier.

  • Box 2? Fab 🙂
    A more frequent schedule would be good, but I don’t want you overstretched … you have been so amazing to keep your weekly schedule intact despite real life stuff.

    And I nominate Matt your biggest fan yet *grins and waves at Matt* Like you say his response was brilliant!


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