Comment post for Darkened Heart, October 1st

Well my face is red.

In my mad dash to get posts lined up and updating on time, I completely neglected an entire subcategory of props from the first box. I’m scrambling to retcon my mistake, which means that several older entries are getting minor edits, and the final report for Box 1 is getting pushed back a bit.

As recompense for this embarrassing gaffe, you can expect a significantly sped up schedule over the next few weeks.

In a way, this is a blessing in disguise. I’ve been a bit blocked on the final report for box one. So you’ll get a better report and more photos, and all you have to put up with is a few bits of changing and shifty history. So you should totally be happy about that. Yes. Yeeeees. Looook into my words… This is awesome and you are happy.

If you’re immune to hypnotism, then sorry about screwing up the updates.

Doctor Bill, I moved your comment back one post, so it’d stay live, sorry for the confusion.

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