October Raffle Results

I tallied the entries for October’s raffle. We had 40 entrants, counting donations, which I figure is a pretty respectable showing. Once I had a complete count, I put them into a list and ran an integer request on random.org.

The result was 37, and the thirty seventh entry was Urson. Hats off to you sir! Expect an email in an hour or two to work out a few details. Just as soon as I’m done setting up Wednesday’s post.

Not this Wednesday, of course. No. That’d be irresponsible. This is… Hm… This is the first Wednesday for December. Yes. Both the prize for October and the Prize for November have been showing up in the advertisements for the raffle. The two bottles in the foreground are the two physical props. The news article in the background is a report from box number 3, and won’t be publicly available for quite some time. Both October and November’s winners will get a chance to see that clue well ahead of schedule.

There’s still plenty of opportunity to win in November. Visit http://thedarkenedheart.com/raffle for a chance at the second bottle.

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