Discussion post for Darkened Heart, July 16th

Absinthe is fascinating stuff. I once went on a multi-week research bender about the drink and how it rose to popularity only to be banned. At the time, I was looking for a suitably dramatic drink to celebrate the anniversary of getting dumped. Instead I blew past said anniversary completely, because I was so buried in research.

I can’t imagine why such behavior might have had a negative impact on my ability to keep a relationship. Nope must be that my significant other was “crazy”. Yeah. No blame here.

The photo is of an actual bottle of Absinthe Montmartre 65, I completely redid the label however. I’ll get a transcript of the label itself at some point in the nearish future, since I don’t recall what I wrote on it.


  • I am so crap I didn’t notice the link here until now and I have been reading and voting for some time now *slaps own wrist with a wet noodle!*

    I just wanted to tell you that I am loving your format, it is so unusual and is really holding my interest … the only complaint I have is having to wait a week to see what the intern discovers next!

    Thanks for bringing such an unusual webcomic to my life 🙂

  • I hardly think you need to apologize for voting. O.o

    As for missing the link, I wouldn’t feel too bad about that either. It was a tough choice to put in a link at all. Any connection to the outside world breaks the (admittedly not very strong) illusion that the Intern is a real person.

    When I first planned this project, I I’d seriously considered making it an ARG. But I knew I couldn’t keep up an entire alternate reality on my own, so I decided to set the border between the Intern’s world and ours at the edge of thedarkenedheart.com

  • *lol*

    I am glad you put the link in as it gave me the chance to see this too … I am truly enthralled and cannot wait to see where you take us with this story.

    Glad to see you passed the 100 mark on TWC *cheering wildly* so it is not just me voting *winks cheekily*

    • I wasn’t aware that I’d been that high in the rankings. Last I checked, I was in the 500s.

  • Sorry *blushes* … I meant you got over 100 votes (106 this second).

    Annnnd I promise not to post another comment for a few days *grins*

  • A hundred votes? Go me! Where’s that stat listed, I must be missing it on my visits to TWC. And don’t worry about posting. That’s what a discussion thread is for, as long as the content is either cogent or useful (Bonus points for both cogent AND useful comments).

  • Well, I am not sure what things look like if you have a comic … I have my various pages open with my browser and one of them is “my favourites” at TWC so I can vote often for you and some others. Apparently your monthly votes are at 112 as I type this.

    Another way to check is to go to their “home” and scroll to the bottom and put Darkened Heart in the search box and the number of votes in the current month is shown on the far right.

    So keep up the good work! When I first “faved” your masterpiece there were 2 votes … you are growing exponentially!!!

    As it were (see I couldn’t keep away *lol*)

  • My favourite absinthe site:


    though I suspect you already found this one. I love the pictures of the bottles. The price drop since the change in regulation has been astounding to say the least.

    Doctor Bill

  • Indeed, Fee Verte is where I got most of my research. The buyer’s guide is a very useful resource.


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