Discussion Post for Darkened Heart, July 23rd

Back to another text update. I like these scan-based updates. I get to do a lot of infodumping while displaying some of the better work from the boxes.


  • I love this episode … it really intrigues me and I am not knowledgeable about this period in American history either. Hearst to me is the guy who was involved in some way in censoring Hollywood. Not sure he is the same person or not :s

    What I love about your creation is that I often feel the need to google. I think that is what makes it feel so real 🙂

    Thanks again.

    • Hearst spent a considerable amount of money and influence in an attempt to ban Stanly Kubrick’s “Citizen Kane”. The film was based on Hearst’s life (albeit with quite a bit of additional theatrical flourish). Anyone who’s seen Citizen Kane can tell you, it didn’t portray Kane (Hearst) in a very good light.

      In the end, Hearst managed to limit the number of theaters that showed Citizen Kane. It hurt Kain’s box-office numbers, but history has won out in favor of Stanly Kubrick. Everyone recognizes Citizen Kane, and not many people remember Hearst in all but the fuzziest of terms.

      This bit of story telling is really just a convenient nudge-nudge wink-wink scenario, designed to explain why the “Pennsylvania plague” never showed up in the history books.


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