Beauty that wealth alone can summon.

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I’m a stereotypical intellectual when it comes to money. I don’t much like cash, or all the various cash-like power-brokering systems our society has managed to manufacture. You can keep your snazzy cars and black tie parties. I’m comfortable pairing down my life to a week’s worth of clothing and an ever-shrinking square footage of apartment space. Most of the time, I don’t see the use for wealth.

But every now and again, I run across something that reminds me why people claw their way ever-upwards towards material success. Ricardo Bofill’s home is one such example. He renovated an abandoned cement factory, turning it from urban wasteland into something absolutely beautiful. While a bit more Hipster and less Victorian than I’d personally prefer, it’s this kind of juxtaposition which makes my subculture so fantastic. Industry meeting refinement, all because someone took the traditional ugliness of infrastructure and molded it to meet their needs.

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