See through money like it’s paper…

Oh, hi there Poverty! How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since… what? Like back at the PTF when I was living in DC on $1600 a month. Wow, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it?

Me? Oh I’m good. Yeah, just moved into a new place this year. Same job. No raise for 2011, because of Boehner.

What brings me back around to you? Well, I could blame the move or my locked salary, but let’s be honest here, I’ve been living it up like I’m still only paying half as much in rent as I actually am. My bad, I know. But it’s alright, I’m going to tighten my belt and chew up my savings. By the end of May, I’ll be out of your hair and back in the land of relative ease.

I may even get crazy and sell some crafts to bolster my income. Don’t quote me on that though, it’s all quite experimental, very hush hush. Anyways, I’ll be seeing you around at least for the next 30 days or so. I’ve got to go for now, I need to console my weeping accounts before they stain my balance sheets with their tears.

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  • You have my sympathy. I have been put on a two year salary freeze as well. Of course, there is no comparable freeze on the cost of living as well.

    Doctor Bill


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