Oh right, it’s almost May…

This is a post about my birthday. If you do not know me in person, you can safely ignore this post. If you know me in person, you can safely ignore this post must pay attention.

Hmm. May. Something happens in May… Something important that I’m supposed to remember, and publish a wishlist about… Whoops. So, a little late, here’s my pile of elaborate requests put forward to commemorate the anniversary of my first breath:

Activities – Several studies have proven that humans value experiences over objects. I’m heavily inclined to agree. So, instead of buying me a thing, consider organizing a social event. Seriously. Event costs aren’t even important. We can split that stuff up. I can pay my own way (though I won’t turn down a ticket). Organzing an event is already a present. If you’re herding the cats then I don’t have to heard them. I get to be a cat instead. A cool cat. Like the ones from Lackadaisy. That went in an odd direction. Here’s some suggestions to make up for the tangent:

  • Portal 2 is almost out! – No, don’t buy it for me, I’ve already prepurchased a copy. However, we need to play both the singleplayer and cooperative modes as a communal experience. This is very important. Cooperative will require another copy. I don’t think we’ll have a problem finding a member of our group who’s willing to pick that up.
  • The Adventure Park – I am a broken record which plays the sound of a treetop zipline over and over.
  • Lasertag – Tag. But with lasers.
  • The Renascence Festival – Okay, yes, it’s cheesy and expensive. I still like it and I should go at least once this year. Set the date, organize the ride, I’ll put on a leather coat and we’ll all complain about how much cooler it used to be.
  • D&D Box set – Nathan bought me a D&D Essentials box set for Christmas. This will be a terrible game. Terribly awesome. Forget intrigue, subtlety, or legitimate role-playing. It’s time to throw some dice and hit things with swords. Unikeft at it’s best.
  • Dresden anyone? – Hey, I’ve been having fun, can’t speak for everyone else.
  • Mansions of Madness – I didn’t buy that silly thing to have it sit on a shelf. I bought it so I could complain about logical gaps in the scenario while running from shoggoths and working up decent amounts of nightmare fuel.
  • Gaming – Inn Fighting, Three Dragon Anti? Arkham Horror?

So, what about stuff?


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