Gathered thoughts from the twitterings.

I’m a big fan of Webcomics. Obvious perhaps from my own meager efforts within the genre. It’s a young medium, with a lot of experimental and untested storytelling playing out, for every moment of brilliance, there are dozens of faceslapping failures.

This past week however, Tyrol Hunt, creator of Goblins, really showed off what the medium could do.

If that comic doesn’t make much sense, it’s because you’re missing context.

So a side character gets a moment in the sun, big deal right? That little emotional payoff took 4 years of updates to achieve. It isn’t like we’ve been sitting around waiting for that to happen. We’ve had four years of plot and character development between then and now. We didn’t even know we were waiting for a payoff until the payoff was actually happening. That’s damned good storytelling.

In other, more selfish news, I got a review!:

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