November Photoblogging, Those Who Mourn

On November 7th, I attended a cemetery potluck held by Those Who Mourn. I’d intended to bring a real camera and take photos, but the day disintegrated into a comedy of errors. I arrived late and flustered, convinced that no one would be there because they would’ve all left.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and I got to spend a few hours hanging around with a crowd of entirely pleasant goths. Plus, there was cake. No lie.

There was an obligatory photo-shoot, and I found I desperately missed having a camera. Other better-prepared participants took plenty of pictures though, so I made do with my cellphone.

The highlight of the event for me (aside from serving tea to charming people) was von Hedwig’s camera. It’s a simply lovely bit of steampunk hackery. It takes brilliant photos too.

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