My leg is full of holes… (Part 2)

and I’m very happy about it. I’ve cut this in to two parts for brevity. Click here for the rest of the story.

Finally, what happened today:

I went in for the first of four procedures today. It hurt, but not a lot. Somewhere worse than a toothache, but not as bad as a root canal. I wouldn’t repeat it if I could avoid it, but eh, we gotta fix what we gotta fix. I’m up and out, walking on the damaged foot. That’s required, by the way. Walking avoids blood clots. It stings a little, but not much, and my gait is back to normal. I can’t wear my boots over the bandages, but I get to take those off tomorrow. Then it’s on to compression stockings.

I have to do this again, once every Wednesday and Friday until the end of the month. After that, I’m in the clear. Also, today was the biggest/worst of the lot.

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  • Update as of the 20th: The ulceration on my foot still hasn’t closed, and is giving me a lot of trouble. I’m walking now with the aid of sandals and a cane. I don’t NEED the cane to get around, but it helps a great deal.

    Mornings are the biggest problem. It takes me a long time to get up and get moving. There’s a LOT of pain right after getting out of bed. Most of that dies down once I have my bandages in place and have gotten my muscles up and moving, but it’ll be quite a while before I can walk normally again.


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