Darkened Heart Discussion post for December

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Another month, and another thread for tracking the Intern’s progress.

I’ve changed a few things around, but I’m still recovering from the technological brouhaha I engineered earlier in November. I need to tweak the updated Comicpress theme, and I need to figure out why the Comicpress manager can’t generate thumbnails anymore. Details, always another one to nail down.

I’ve managed to improve on at least one thing this month. The whole month’s vote codes are already in place on TWC, so we won’t be seeing the kind of screwups we saw in November.

I have yet to run the raffle for November. As it says on the vote page, people still have till midnight tonight to submit November codes. If you have any left lying about, be sure to enter them.


  • I just started reading this, and I have to say that it is one of the most intriguing mysteries–in books, film, or otherwise–that I have ever read. Maybe you mentioned this in an earlier post somewhere, but how did the idea for this develop?

    • Actually, I did go into the providence of the production a while back, but that comment is completely buried now, so I don’t see the harm in repeating the relevant portion:

      When I embarked on this project, I had absolutely no plans to publish. I wanted to build a themed set of steampunk nerf guns for myself and my siblings. We had a long history of nerf related violence in our family, it was a dear memory, and I wanted to present the set as a Christmas present. Follow me down a geek rabbit hole:

      1 – The paintjobs came out so well.
      2 – It’d be silly to just present the guns. They should have cases or holsters or something.
      3 – The cases look barren with just the guns and some velvet. I know! There should be props! Like fake gun oil and silver bullets.
      4 – It really feels like there should be a story here. Why all this elaborate stuff? What were the original owners doing?
      5 – I can age paper using Tea and patience. Fonts aren’t that expensive these days.
      6 – Christmas just technically started, seeing as its midnight. I don’t remember what sleep looks like anymore.

      When I finally presented the Darkened Heart Project to my siblings, it was clear I’d created something bigger than a Christmas present. It was my sister who first suggested that I should publish the result, and here we are.

  • An interesting odyssey: it began with a Nerf gun and ended with a Darkened Heart :). As Yenner said months ago (I was too lazy to look in the first place, lol), “Thanks for the glimpse into the motivation, and I’m looking forward to the big finish.”

  • So sorry I have not been about but I lost Windows and had to wait until now to get a new computer … it is sad to say it did feel like a lost limb losing all my comics, especially this one :s

    Still, back now (around fifteen minutes ago) and have already voted 😉

    Hope your new year is wonderful!

  • I don’t know if you’re aware of this- the photos and descriptions haven’t updated since ‘small tin-bound box’. The new images have been visible on the voting page, but nowhere else.

    • I learned about it just yesterday. I’ll work to fix it today at my lunch break, and thanks for pointing it out, as I could’ve easily missed it. Rather aggravating really. I set the whole thing up to run automatically over the holidays, and it completely ignored my commands.


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