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Woo. Go me.

9 November 2009

Well that’s one task down and many more to go. I’ll write a more thorough introduction later. Suffice it to say, you’ve stumbled across a completely uninteresting personal blog. I’ve established this space to discuss matters of Great Importance To the National Discourse ™.

If this message is the lone survivor of this effort, then I caution you, weary internet traveler. Beyond these abandoned halls lies the Ozymandian desert of apathy and discontent. Look with pity upon this lone entry, the sole remnant of a spoiled creative sort with too much time on his hands.

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3 Comments to “Woo. Go me.”

  1. It can’t be completely uninteresting if it gives you an excuse to use the word “Ozymandian.”

  2. Boil me in oil, I’ve hardly begun fixing this place up, how’d you even know I was making changes?

  3. Highly trained espionage raccoons?

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