Comment Policy

In regards to comments on my articles, I must echo the sentiments of the inestimable Tobias Buckell.

This is my blog running on a server I have purchased. Like a guest in my home, I expect you to behave with decorum towards your fellow guests and towards myself. You are free to debate and disagree. Indeed, I welcome debate and dissent. However, if you cannot keep a level head and a measure of self control, your comment will be deleted. In egregious cases, you may be banned.

I believe wholeheartedly in freedom of speech, but the first amendment doesn’t force me to reprint your thoughts. When you comment here, you are using a small measure of my resources in order to share your thoughts. I can choose to give you that small bit of storage/processing/bandwidth, or I can choose to withhold it. If I’ve cruelly encroached on your rights, I cordially invite you to start your own blog where you’ll be free to say whatever you like.

I apologize if this warning seems needlessly harsh. Indeed, it has thus far been completely unnecessary, but I feel it’s important to clarify these matters before they become a problem.