1. I’m white. Yes, just white. I refuse to claim heritage to any nation where I can’t name the prime minister off the top of my head.
  2. I’m male.
  3. I’m (probably) somewhere on the autism spectrum, but too much of a coward to get tested.
  4. I’m very very dyslexic.
  5. I am dating someone brilliant.
  6. I’m a gamer.
  7. I’m a mad scientist.
  8. I’m a transhumanist.
  9. I think all transhumanists are unrealistic dreamers who need to get their heads out of the sand.
  10. The previous two facts do not contradict.
  11. I’m a systems administrator seeking employment in Washington DC.
  12. I was raised Quaker.
  13. I still try to live Quaker.
  14. The previous fact contained the word “try”
  15. I don’t particularly want to talk about my politics, thanks.
  16. Sexism and racism aren’t “politics”, and I’ll talk about them whenever I feel like it, thanks.
  17. I think greyhounds are creepy looking, but they’re too adorable for me to care.
  18. Seriously, spend 5 minutes with a greyhound. It will improve your day.
  19. Rob Dougan walks on water and cures cancer with music. This fact is not subjective.
  20. It’s possible that I was lying about the subjectivity of the previous fact.
  21. I am a nerd.
  22. I am a dork.
  23. I am a dweeb.
  24. I am a geek.
  25. I’m proud of that last one.
  26. System Shock 2 is my all-time favorite game.
  27. Mass Effect 2 is trying to dislodge System Shock 2’s status. It’s a tough fight filled with snappy one liners.
  28. Deus Ex had terrible voice acting.
  29. I loved it anyways.
  30. I talk to myself sometimes.
  31. I’m only embarrassed about that when I lose an argument to my own devil’s advocacy.
  32. My mind is filled with worlds.
  33. It’s a pity that I suck at getting them out of my mind. I want to share them.
  34. Perfect is the enemy of good.
  35. This list is incomplete.

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