In which I annoy the heck out of people

19 August 2010

This is doubtless going to upset some folks, but no one ever got anywhere useful in life by ignoring injustice for the sake of avoiding conflict.

I want to put yet another post out there about the Ground Zero Mosque issue. The controversy has been covered in detail elsewhere by people smarter than me. China Miéville and N.K. Jemisin, to name two. There’s also this lovely supporting visual from Ghost of Mifune.

I won’t get into the minutia of the “debate” on this one. If you want to read up on it, then please follow those links, and for the love of all that’s holy please actually READ what’s there. I’m not writing this to repeat what’s been said.

I’m writing this to call out the Republican Party. Yes, if you’re a republican, I’m calling your political party out on this one. You guys are dropping the ball, bigtime.

This is a textbook case of two fundamentally republican issues: State’s Rights and Religious Freedom. This is other states telling New York how to run it’s affairs, and this is non-Muslims telling Muslims where they can PRAY TO GOD. *

You can’t write a better scenario for the mobilization of the Republican party. And what response do we get? Conservative republicans support the bigots, while moderate republicans turn a blind eye. Why? Because they’re cowards.

Yes. Cowards. You heard me. They don’t speak up about this because they’re scared of losing votes. That’s cowardice, and it makes me sad for the state of politics in the US. The Republican party should be going to war over this. It’s not a liberal issue.

I just… Agh.

* – Fun factoid for the uninformed, do you know who gave the Koran to Mohammad? The Archangel Gabriel. Yes, the same one from the Bible. That guy. Allah is not a different god. If you’ve prayed recently, then you were praying to Allah, because Allah is another name for God. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

What I’ve been up to, Last weekend of May edition

26 July 2010

I do a lot of modding and hacking on my weekends, but I hardly ever talk about it. I figured it’s high time I got some of this stuff documented. Let’s start with the weekend of May 29th. I needed a table router, and only had a freestanding unit. So I ordered a few parts.

Problem 1: The router plate doesn’t have any holes.

Solution 1: I have a drill press. What now, aluminum plate? What? Now?
Drill Press (more…)

Google Analytics is a fantastic waste of time

28 June 2010

Hello visitors from Perth and Brisbane! Greetings from Washington DC! Stuttgart, Geislingen, good to see you, how are things? British isles? There’s so many of you here that it’d be silly to list all the cities. I hope you’re having better weather than we’re getting here in the colonies.

Dear Canada, your retention rate is surprisingly high. You drop in and you actually stay to read. You must like words, which is great, I also like words, we should sit down and read a lot… over tea… yes, tea sounds good.

As for the US of A, its nice to see you folks, my neighbors, I’m glad that you… okay, that 65% of you are totally digging the site. Don’t worry about it, 45-percenters, no hard feelings. I realize it’s not a typical webcomic, not everyone’s going to enjoy the story I’m trying to tell.

Oh and Soldotna? You have an awesome town name, I just thought you should know.

Loathe though I am to admit it, I can’t hate Bill Gates

17 May 2010

It’s practically a prerequisite of becoming a stereotypical geek: Build up a healthy hatred of Bill Gates.

I feathered my cap with that particular requirement back in highschool… but it looks like I have to let that hate go.

Why? Dude is working to kill malaria in our lifetime, and his most successful investment involves hunting mosquitoes down with lasers.

Friggin lasers!

Woo. Go me.

9 November 2009

Well that’s one task down and many more to go. I’ll write a more thorough introduction later. Suffice it to say, you’ve stumbled across a completely uninteresting personal blog. I’ve established this space to discuss matters of Great Importance To the National Discourse ™.

If this message is the lone survivor of this effort, then I caution you, weary internet traveler. Beyond these abandoned halls lies the Ozymandian desert of apathy and discontent. Look with pity upon this lone entry, the sole remnant of a spoiled creative sort with too much time on his hands.

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